TechTV's Starting an Online Business, 1st edition

  • Frank Fiore

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Author Frank Fiore gives the reader a foundation for starting an online business. The book is divided into 5 parts. It starts with an explanation of e-commerce, what to sell, how to sell it, how to plan it and where to find the money to fund it. Then it gives the reader the basics of setting up shop on the Web, where to host it, some e-commerce Dos and Don'ts, and how to take orders and ship them. Finally, it will cover the essentials of marketing and promoting their new business. The book is organized in such a way that the reader can quickly find a topic and get the information they need to set up their own online business.

Table of contents




1. Putting the “e” in Commerce.

The e-Commerce Explosion. The “Dot-Com” Craze. The e-Commerce Potential.

2. Identifying a Need.

Should I Sell a Product or Service? The Main Types of Online Businesses. Meeting Basic Human Needs. Selling Your Creative Work.

3. WWW—Selling on the Wild and Wooly Web.

Selling from a Web Site. Selling Through an Affiliate Program. Selling Through Auctions. Selling Through E-mail Lists. Selling Through Classifieds. Selling Through Online Malls.

4. Creating a Unique Selling Position.

Commerce Turned on Its Head—The Shopper in Control. There's More Than One Way to Skin a Price Tag. USP—Your Unique Selling Position.

5. Planning Your Online Business.

Get a Plan, Man! Great Idea! But Is It a Business?

6. Getting the Dough.

Bringing Home the Bacon. Ante Up, Fella! How Much Do You Love Me? Let Me Count the Money. Venture Capitalists. Getting the Venture Capitalist's Attention. Help Investors Find You.


7. Getting Started—First Steps.

Registering a Domain Name. Finding a Home. e-Commerce Host Essentials.

8. Hosting Your Store for Free.

Selling from a Personal Web Page. Quick and Easy Online Store Builders. e-Commerce: Enable Your Web Site for Free.

9. Hosting with an ISP.

All-In-One Hosting Services. Choosing an ISP Hosting Service. Essential Services.

10. Be Your Own Host.

Moving Your Web Site. In-House, Co-Located, or Dedicated Host Service? Should You Hire a Pro?

11. Building Your Web Store.

Web Site Essentials. Web Site Tool Kit. The Six Most Important Things You Need to Have on Your Site.


12. The 3 C's of e-Commerce.

Content—Turn Your Site into a Learning Fountain. Make Money Hosting Content on Your Site. Community—Building an Interactive Community. Commerce—Adding Multiple Revenue Streams. Staying Up to Date in e-Commerce.

13. Meeting the Customer's Expectations.

The Big Five of Online Shopping. Selling to the World! Sprechen Sie Deutch? French? Spanish? Japanese? Or…?

14. The Seven Cardinal Sins of e-Commerce.

Vanity—Going It Alone. Greed—Forcing a Square Peg into a Round Hole. Envy—Keeping Up with the Nerds. Gluttony—Is It Bigger Than 60K? Sloth—Neglecting Security and Customer Convenience. Lust—You Gotta Love Those Plug-Ins. Wrath—Do You Hate Your Customer?


15. Taking the Order.

The Order Form. How Do I Pay Thee? Let Me Count the Ways. Online Fraud.

16. Fulfillment and Shipping.

The Shopping Cart. The Cash Register. New Payment Solutions. Choosing a Fulfillment Partner. The Tax Man Cometh.

17. Customer Service.

Service Elements. Handling Disgruntled Customers.


18. Marketing Your e-Business.

Letting the Web Shopper Know You Exist. Targeting Shopper Types. Permission E-mail Marketing. Attracting Shoppers to Your Site. Learning What's Spread About Your Company.

19. Speaking the Language of Net Advertising.

The Language of Net Advertising. Advertising Strategies and Placement. Measuring Your Ad Strategy.

20. Promoting Your Site for FREE! —From MeatSpace to CyberSpace.

Start in the Real World. Listing Your Site—Getting the Word Out. Community Participation—Newsgroups and Discussion Boards. Community Participation—Discussion Lists, Live Chat, and Newsletters.

21. Contests, Give-Aways, and Promotions.

Sweepstakes and Contests. Give-Aways. Shopper Services.

22. PR—Getting the Word Out.

Creating the Buzz. Writing the Press Release. Where to Send the Release. PR Do's and Don'ts.

23. Affiliate Marketing.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing Popular? Program Models. Don't Make These Affiliate Marketing Mistakes. Choosing the Right Affiliates.

24. Ten Ways to Drive Customers AWAY from Your Site.

Confuse Your Customers. Stay Anonymous. Offer at Retail. Frame Your Page. Surprise Them with Shipping Costs. Make Them Work. Make Them Wait. Neglect to Address Privacy. Keep Security a Secret. SPAM Your Customers.


Appendix A. Important Resources on the Web.

E-mail Discussion Lists. e-Business Publications. Promotions, Submissions, and Search Engines. General Resources.

Appendix B. Your e-Business Do List.

PR Do's and Don'ts. Top Sites for Posting Your Press Release.


Published by Peachpit Press (August 9th 2001) - Copyright © 2002