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TechXtraordinary Integration, 1st edition

  • Jennifer Brown King
  • Jennifer Brown King

Published by Pearson Learning Solutions (December 28th 2013) - Copyright © 2014

1st edition

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Teachers know ‘What is’ technology integration, but struggle with ‘How to’ integrate technology. TechXtraordinary Integration answers the ‘How to’ integrate technology with BeTTI or Bloom’s Taxonomy of Technology Integration. Using the text, teachers build BeTTI in order to transform teaching and learning through a six-step process that addresses content, pedagogy, assessment, reflection, and 21st century technology. The six steps to technology integration are teacher-friendly, practical, and easy to adopt for any classroom or training environment. TechXtraordinary Integration equips teachers with relevant skills, such as writing learning objectives, considering instructional events, selecting appropriate technology tools, planning traditional assessment, designing authentic assessment, and reflecting on the entire teaching and learning process. The text offers versatile uses for college educational technology courses, PK-12 teacher training, and both whole school or classroom adoption.

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