Tecumseh and the Quest for Indian Leadership (Library of American Biography Series), 2nd edition

  • David Edmunds

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In this biography, David Edmunds examines the life of legendary Shawnee leader Tecumesh and his pivotal role in defending the Native American way of life.


Since his death as an avowed warrior at the Battle of the Thames in 1813, the details of Tecumseh’s life have passed into the realm of legend, myth and drama.  In this new edition, David Edmunds considers the man who acted as a diplomat – a charismatic strategist who attempted to smooth cultural divisions between tribes and collectively oppose the seizure of their land.


The titles in the Library of American Biography Series make ideal supplements for American History Survey courses or other courses in American history where figures in history are explored.  Paperback, brief, and inexpensive, each interpretive biography in this series focuses on a figure whose actions and ideas significantly influenced the course of American history and national life. In addition, each biography relates the life of its subject to the broader themes and developments of the times.

Table of contents

Editor’s Preface

Author’s Preface


1.      The Shawnees

2.      Learning the Warrior’s Path

3.      A Culture Under Siege

4.      Red Messiah

5.      “The Moses of the Family”

6.      To Tippecanoe   

7.      Red Ascendancy

8.      Death on the Thames

9.      Tecumseh in Retrospect


Study and Discussion Questions

A Note on the Sources


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