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Test Driven Development: By Example, 1st edition

  • Kent Beck

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (November 8th 2002) - Copyright © 2003

1st edition

Test Driven Development: By Example: By Example

ISBN-13: 9780133067576

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What's included

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Table of contents





 1. Multi-Currency Money.

 2. Degenerate Objects.

 3. Equality for All.

 4. Privacy.

 5. Franc-ly Speaking.

 6. Equality for All, Redux.

 7. Apples and Oranges.

 8. Makin' Objects.

 9. Times We're Livin' In.

10. Interesting Times.

11. The Root of All Evil.

12. Addition, Finally.

13. Make It.

14. Change.

15. Mixed Currencies.

16. Abstraction, Finally.

17. Money Retrospective.

II. The xUnit Example.

18. First Steps to xUnit.

19. Set the Table.

20. Cleaning Up After.

21. Counting.

22. Dealing with Failure.

23. How Suite It Is.

24. xUnit Retrospective.

III. Patterns for Test-Driven Development.

25. Test-Driven Development Patterns.

26. Red Bar Patterns.

27. Testing Patterns.

28. Green Bar Patterns.

29. xUnit Patterns.

30. Design Patterns.

31. Refactoring.

32. Mastering TDD.

Appendix I: Influence Diagrams.

Appendix II: Fibonacci.


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