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Grounded in current theory and research, yet practical and teachable.

The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing, Concise Edition takes a distinctive pedagogical approach that integrates composition research with rhetorical theory and insights from writing across the curriculum. It treats writing and reading both as rhetorical acts and as processes of problem posing, inquiry, critical thinking, analysis, and argument. Its aim is to evoke the kind of deep learning that allows students to transfer compositional and rhetorical skills across disciplines and professional fields. Teachers and students value its clear and coherent explanations, engaging classroom activities, and flexible sequence of aims-based writing assignments that help writers produce effective, idea-rich essays in academic and civic genres. Numerous examples of student and professional writing accompany this thorough guide to the concepts and skills needed for writing, researching, and editing in college and beyond.


Table of contents

Part 1: A Rhetoric for Writers
1. Posing Problems: The Demands of College Writing, Reading, and Critical Thinking
2. Exploring Problems: Making Claims
3. Thinking Critically About Rhetorical Problems
4. How Messages Persuade
5. Thinking Critically About Document Design, Visual Rhetoric, and Multimodal Messages

Part 2: Writing Projects
6. Reading Rhetorically: The Writer as Strong Reader
7. Writing an Exploratory Essay or Annotated Bibliography
8. Analyzing Images
9. Analyzing and Synthesizing Ideas
10. Writing a Classical Argument
11. Proposing a Solution

Part 3: A Guide to Composing and Revising
12. Writing as a Problem-Solving Process
13. Strategies for Writing Closed-Form Prose
14. Strategies for Composing Multimodal Texts

Part 4: A Rhetorical Guide to Research
15. Using Sources
16. Citing and Documenting Sources

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