The American People: Creating a Nation and a Society, Concise Edition, Volume 2, 8th edition

  • Gary B. Nash
  • Julie Roy Jeffrey
  • John R. Howe
  • Allan M. Winkler
  • Allen F. Davis
  • Charlene Mires
  • Peter J. Frederick
  • Carla Gardina Pestana


The American People: Creating a Nation and a Society, Concise Edition examines U.S. history as revealed through the experiences of diverse Americans, both ordinary and extraordinary. With a thought-provoking and rich presentation, the authors explore the complex lives of Americans of all national origins and cultural backgrounds, at all levels of society, and in all regions of the country.

Table of contents

15. The Realities of Rural America
16. The Rise of Smokestack America
17. The New Metropolis
18. Becoming a World Power
19. The Progressives Confront Industrial Capitalism
20. The Great War
21. Affluence and Anxiety
22. The Great Depression and the Effort to Survive Chapter Outline
23. Another Global War
24. Cold War Confrontation, 1945–1960
25. Postwar America at Home, 1945–1960
26. Reform and Rebellion in the Turbulent Sixties, 1960–1969
27. Disorder and Discontent, 1969–1980
28. Conservatism and a Shift in Course, 1980–2016

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