The Canadian Personal Care Provider, 1st edition

  • Francie Wolgin
  • Kate Smith
  • Julie French
  • Angela Butt
  • Dianne Patterson

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The Canadian Personal Care Provider has been developed with a client-centred theme integrated throughout. An expanded coverage of the body-systems approach describes the functions of the human body first and then how disturbances or health problems can arise. This approach ensures the future Personal Care Provider understands how the body systems work before building and executing a client care plan.


This exciting new first Canadian edition includes cultural considerations, examines ageism and other critical factors to ensure an emphasis on and promote respect for autonomy across the lifespan. Are you Client Centred? Are You Age Aware? and Are you Culture Conscious? features further support this approach. 

Table of contents

01 The Person and Person-Focused Care

02 The Health Care System

03 The Role of the Personal Care Provider, Workplace Ethics, and Legal Aspects of Care

04 Communication Skills: Interpersonal, Written, Electronic

05 Medical Terminology, Abbreviations, Specialties

06 Infection Control

07 Safety

08 Body Mechanics: Positioning, Moving, and Transporting

09 The Client’s Room

10 Bed making

11 Supporting the Client being Admitted, Transferred, and Discharged

12 Personal Care of the Client

13 Nutrition

14 Growth and Development

15 The Human Body

16 The Musculoskeletal System and Related Care

17 The Integumentary System and Related Care

18 Warm and Cold Applications

19 The Circulatory and Respiratory Systems and Related Care

20 Measuring Vital Signs

21 The Gastrointestinal System and Related Care

22 The Urinary System and Related Care

23 Endocrine System and Related Care

24 The Reproductive System and Related Care

25 The Nervous System and Related Care

26 Mental Illness

27 Cognitive Impairments

28 Emergency Care

29 Assisting with Medications

30 Care of the Surgical Patient

31 Neonatal and Pediatric Care

32 Home Health Care

33 The Resident and LTC

34 The Terminally Ill Patient and Post-mortem Care


Published by Pearson Canada (August 26th 2016) - Copyright © 2017