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The Canadian Writer's World: Essays, 2nd edition

  • Rhonda Sandberg
  • Suneeti Phadke
  • Lynne Gaetz

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The Canadian Writer’s World: Essays, Second Canadian Edition addresses the diverse needs of today’s students!

Note: If you are purchasing an electronic version, MyWritingLab does not come automatically packaged with it. To purchase MyWritingLab, please visit or you can purchase a package of the physical text and MyWritingLab by searching for ISBN 10: 0133987809 / ISBN 13: 9780133987805.

This text will help you produce writing that is both technically correct and rich in content. It has visual appeal, unique features, and integrated ESL content to help both native and nonnative students of varying skill levels. The product of numerous reviews and feedback from over 200 developmental writing instructors, the updated Second Canadian Edition continues to meet the diverse needs of today’s students.

Table of contents

Part I: The Writing Process

1.       Exploring

2.       Developing the Main Idea

3.       Developing the Essay Plan

4.       Developing the First Draft

5.       Revising and Editing


Part II : Essay Patterns

6.       Narration

7.       Description

8.       Process

9.       Definition

10.   Classification

11.   Comparison and Contrast

12.   Cause and Effect

13.   Argument


Part III: More College and Workplace Writing

14.   Paraphrasing and Summarizing

15.   The Research Essay


Part IV — The Editing Handbook

16.   Identifying Subjects and Verbs

17.   Fragments

18.   Run-Ons

19.   Faulty Parallel Structure

20.   Mistakes with Modifiers

21.   Subject-Verb Agreement

22.   Verb Tenses

23.   Problems with Verbs

24.   Nouns, Determiners, and Prepositions

25.   Adjectives and Adverbs

26.   Pronouns

27.   Spelling and Commonly Confused Words

28.   Commas

29.   Apostrophes

30.   Quotation Marks, Capitalization, and Titles

31.   Editing Practice


Part V — Reading Strategies and Selections

32.   From Reading to Writing

    a)       The Hijab, by Naheed Mustafa (Cause and Effect)

    b)       A Modest Proposal, by Heather Mallick (Argument)

    c)       Seeing Red Over Myths, by Drew Hayden (Comparison and Contrast)

    d)       Yonge St., a Seedy Mystery in Plain View, by Sheila Heti (Narration)

    e)       Living Environments, by Avi Friedman (Classification)

    f)        Canada Misses its Chance to Join Major Pacific Free-Trade Deal, by John Ibbitson (Cause and Effect)

    g)       The Rich Resonance of Small Talk, by Roxanne Roberts (Process)

    h)      Google’s China Web, by Frida Ghitis (Argument)

    i)        The Rules of Survival by Lawrence Gonzales (Process)

    j)        The Other Side of the Mountain, by Geoff Powter (Narration)

    k)       Monsoon Time, by Rahul Goswami (Description)

    l)        David Suzuki’s Green Guide, by David Suzuki and David R. Boyd (Cause and Effect)

    m)     Twixters, by Betsy Hart (Definition)

    n)      Religious Faith Versus Spirituality, by Neil Bissoondath (Comparison and Contrast)

    o)       Medicating Ourselves, by Robyn Sarah (Argument)



Appendix 1 The Basic Parts of a Sentence

Appendix 2 Irregular Verb List  

Appendix 3 Verb Tenses

Appendix 4 Combining Ideas in Sentences

Appendix 5 Spelling, Grammar, and Vocabulary Logs


Online Chapters (MyCanadianCompLab)       

33.   The Resume and Letter of Application

34.   Responding to Film and Literature

35. Becoming a Successful Student

36. Research, Plagiarism, and Academic Integrity

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