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The DK Handbook, Second Canadian Edition, 2nd edition

  • Anne F. Wysocki
  • Dennis A. Lynch
  • Susan M. Doyle

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The DK Handbook’s take on academic writing is visually appealing, highly readable, and convenient to use. Its advice targets novice academic writers, who can find simple but complete guidelines on how to plan, develop, and polish the kinds of writing expected of them in their studies. Through extensive examples, annotations, step-by-step instructions, and visuals, the guide makes what are often dry topics engaging, especially for a generation of students who are used to visual explanations and simple but appealing page design.


For writing instructors, the guide serves as a one-stop guide to which students can be referred, providing the kind of “writing centre” help that many students need. The handbook includes all the features most likely to appeal to Canadian instructors and students.

Table of contents

Part 1: A Process for Writing

Part 2: Understanding and Analyzing Texts

Part 3: Finding Ideas

Part 4: Organizing and Shaping Texts

Part 5: Drafting

Part 6: Documenting

Part 7 Revising with Style

Part 8 Writer’s Guides                                  

Editing and Proofreading




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APA Documentation

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Published by Pearson Canada (April 24th 2015) - Copyright © 2016