The MATLAB 5 Handbook, 1st edition

  • Eva Part-Enander
  • Anders Sjoberg

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The MATLAB 5 Handbook is an authoritative reference for which provides the reader with the skills to use MATLAB efficiently and effectively, an understanding of the mathematical models underpinning MATLAB and the confidence to explore the potential of MATLAB further.

Table of contents

1. What is MATLAB?
2. Getting Started.
3. Matrix Operations.
4. Creating New Matrices.
5. Strings and Other Datatypes.
6. Data Analysis and Statistics.
7. Systems of Linear Equations.
8. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors.
9. Sparse Matrices.
10. Analysis of Functions, Interpolation, and Curve Fitting.
11. Integrals and Differential Equations.
12. Programming in MATLAB.
13. Graphics and Sound.
14. Advanced Graphics.
15. MATLAB in Combinations with Other Programs.
Appendix A: Step-by-Step Introduction.
Appendix B: Definitions and Basic Concepts in Linear Algebra.
Appendix C: MATLAB Toolboxes and SIMULINK.
Appendix D: Student Edition of MATLAB.
Appendix E: Quick Reference.References.
List of Command Tables.

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Published by Pearson (March 24th 1999) - Copyright © 1999