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The Mind and Heart of the Negotiator, 7th edition

  • Leigh Thompson

Published by Pearson (January 1st 2019) - Copyright © 2020

7th edition

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Pearson eText The Mind and Heart of the Negotiator -- Instant Access

ISBN-13: 9780135641262

Includes: eText (12-month access)
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The Mind and Heart of the Negotiator explains what to do and what to avoid at the bargaining table — whether in multimillion-dollar business deals or personal interactions.

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Table of contents


1. Negotiation: The Mind and the Heart 

2. Preparation: What to Do Before Negotiation 

3. Distributive Negotiation: Claiming Value

4. Integrative Negotiation: Expanding the Pie 



5. Understanding Personality and Motivation 

6. Managing Emotions and Contentious Negotiations         

7. Establishing Trust and Building Relationships 

8. Power, Ethics, & Reputation  

9. Creativity, Problem-Solving, and Learning in Negotiation 



10. Multiple Parties, Coalitions, and Teams 

11. Cross-Cultural Negotiation 

12. Negotiating in a Virtual World



Appendix 1: Negotiating a Job Offer 

Appendix 2: Third-Party Intervention

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