The NGTU Guide to Not Going to University, 1st edition

  • Andrew Shanahan

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Contrary to popular perceptions, university really isn't the only path to success. From apprenticeships to debt-free learning, there are literally thousands of other opportunities out there. The notgoingtouni Guide to Not Going to University is a new and essential guide dedicated to showing the alternatives to the traditional university route. It will help you to find the the route that works best for you - providing the advice, inspiration and tools to make an informed decision and start building your future. is the leading UK site dedicated to helping young people to make informed decisions about their future by showing them opportunities that exist outside of university, such as apprenticeships, foundation degrees, diplomas, NVQs, gap years, volunteering, distance-learning and entry level jobs.

Table of contents


1. I Don’t Know What I Want To Do
2. From Longlist To Shortlist To A Decision
3. The Gap Year Is Dead, Long Live The R&D Year
4. How Do You Make University The Best Investment Possible
5. Everybody Loves Apprenticeships
6. Vocational Qualifications
7. How To Get A Job
8. The Three Lessons You Really Need To Succeed In Life
9. The Qualifications That Can Do More For Your Career Than A Degree

How To Beat The Most Common Problems Faced By School-Leavers


Published by Pearson Canada (August 16th 2012) - Copyright © 2012