The Outsourcing Dilemma: The Search for Competitiveness, 1st edition

  • J Brian Heywood

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Outsourcing of some business functions pre-dates the technological revolution of the latter part of the twentieth century. Nevertheless, 99% of outsourcing would not be logical or necessary if it was not for the constantly changing and improving technology.

Despite the circumstances, most organisations are left with no alternative but to keep trying to improve their systems. They then have two basic alternatives. They can either do it in-house by buying the necessary equipment, software and external help, or they can externalise the function completely by taking one of the outsourcing routes.

Research undertaken into project failure rates at the beginning of 2000 has provided the author with a unique insight into the real level of success obtained from choosing either internal or external solutions to the competitive problem.

The Outsourcing Dilemma

presents the arguments for and against outsourcing and suggests ways in which the enormous problems of maintaining competitiveness might be approached.

The book examines:

  • the changing times that have brought about the need to be competitive in all functions
  • the various internal solutions to the problem of maintaining competitiveness
  • the advantages and disadvantages of the external solution of outsourcing
  • the extent to which outsourcing is being practised and the functions being outsourced
  • the growing range of alternatives to full outsourcing
  • a range of factors that potential clients should know about outsourcing providers
  • factors to consider when choosing an outsourcing service provider
  • alternative options towards achieving lasting competitiveness.

The Outsourcing Dilemma includes controversial case studies highlighting the advantages and potential pitfalls of outsourcing, and a revolutionary long-term competitiveness option ¿ ¿Business Satellites¿ - that does not require short-term dramatic change, expense and disruption.

Competitive advantage is a choice. Who are you going to entrust it to?

Published by FT Press (July 10th 2001) - Copyright © 2001