The Satisfying Life: Positive Psychology and Personal Growth, 1st edition

  • Marilyn Hadad

The Satisfying Life: Positive Psychology and Personal Growth, (Subscription)

ISBN-13:  9780133076493


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The Satisfying Life is the first comprehensive text in Positive Psychology to balance research with practical and engaging material.


The Satisfying Life: Positive Psychology and Personal Growth emphasizes different conceptions of what constitutes a satisfying, fulfilling life and what research has shown us about how to obtain it. Based in the eudaimonic approach and on a multicultural perspective, this text teaches how to apply positive psychology to a multitude of conceptions of a satisfying life.

    Academically written and research-focused, The Satisfying Life maintains the rigorous standards expected of a higher-level Psychology textbook, while its engaging writing style, coupled with reflection exercises, case studies, and examples make the concepts concrete and the material relevant and engaging.

Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images found in the physical edition.

Table of contents

PART I: What Does the Satisfying Life Mean?

1. The Satisfying Life and Happiness

2. The Perspective of Western Psychological Theory

3. Perspective of Eastern Belief Systems

4. The Perspective of Native Peoples


PART II: What Kind of Personality Do You Need?

5. Optimism and Hope

6. Self-Regulation

7. Character Strengths

8. Meaning-Making, Religion, and Spirituality

9. Stress and Resilience


PART III: It’s Not My Fault! All the Stuff in My Life!

10. Interpersonal Relationships

11. Work and Leisure


PART IV: A Satisfying Life? In this World?

12. Community, Milieu, and Culture

13. Applied Positive Psychology




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