The Science of Nutrition, Canadian Edition, 1st edition

  • Janice J. Thompson
  • Melinda Manore
  • Linda A Vaughan
  • Kathy Gottschall-Pass
  • Debbie MacLellan

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The Science of Nutrition, Canadian edition,
offers a rigorous yet engaging and accessible, evidence-based treatment of nutrition that capitalizes on students’ natural interest by demonstrating how nutrition relates to their own health. Instead of relying on rote memorization, this text takes a functional approach that presents micronutrients in the context of their function, rather than by their classification. This approach helps learners organize the information and appreciate the science of nutrients, as well as understand the role of nutrients in the body and in overall health.


This first edition integrates content appropriate for students studying nutrition in Canada.  The textbook and its supplements showcase recently published material from Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide, Canadian food regulations, cutting-edge research, nutrition issues unique to Canadian populations, Canadian data and references, and much more.


A wealth of effective online resources are available through the new MasteringNutritiononline assessment and tutorial system, including access to MyDietAnalysis - an innovative and easy-to-use program that allows students to track their diet and activity, and to generate and submit reports electronically.


Table of contents


Chapter 1        The Role of Nutrition in Health

Chapter 2        Designing a Healthy Diet

Chapter 3        The Human Body: We are What We Eat

Chapter 4        Carbohydrates: Plant-Derived Energy Nutrients

Chapter 5        Lipids: Essential Energy-Supplying Nutrients

Chapter 6        Proteins: Crucial Components of all Body Tissues

Chapter 7        Metabolism: From Food to Life

Chapter 8        Micronutrients, Phytochemicals, and Functional Foods

Chapter 9        Nutrients Involved in Energy Metabolism

Chapter 10        Nutrients Involved in Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

Chapter 11        Nutrients Involved in Antioxidant Function

Chapter 12        Nutrients Involved in Bone Health

Chapter 13        Nutrients Involved in Blood Health and Immunity

Chapter 14        Achieving and Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight

Chapter 15        Nutrition and Physical Activity: Keys to Good Health

Chapter 16        Nutrition Through the Life Cycle: Pregnancy and the First Years of Life

Chapter 17        Nutrition Through the Life Cycle: Childhood and Adolescence

Chapter 18        Nutrition Through the Life Cycle: The Later Years

Chapter 19        Malnutrition at Home and Around the World


Appendix A        Metabolism Pathways and Structures

Appendix B        Protein Synthesis

Appendix C        Calculations and Conversions

Appendix D        WHO Growth Charts

Online Appendix E        Organizations and Resources

Online Appendix F        Chemistry Review

Online Appendix G        Anatomy and Physiology Review

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