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  4. The Sleeping Giant Has Awoken: The New Politics of Religion in the United States

The Sleeping Giant Has Awoken: The New Politics of Religion in the United States, 1st edition

  • Jeffrey W Robbins
The Sleeping Giant Has Awoken: The New Politics of Religion in the United States

ISBN-13:  9780826429698


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Introduction by John Caputo and Afterword by Slavoj Zizek The triumph of American political conservatism in the last two decades has been paralleled by the ascendance of Christian evangelicalism. More importantly, the political Campaigns of 2000 and 2004 marked a convergence between these two political entities with an effectiveness never before seen in national elections. On the one side, conservatives have successfully set the terms of debate around so-called "family values" and the status of religion in the public sphere. On the other side, evangelicals have mobilized in a new self-awareness of their formidable political power and now demand representation at all levels of government. Upon what fundamental ideas does this convergence rest? What potential dangers does it present for the concepts of "religion," "politics" and "America"? How secure is this alliance, and what does each side sacrifice in order to sustain it? Must all religion in America now become similarly engaged in the political sphere? This volume is a collection of articles by a group of young scholars addressing the nexus between political conservatism, evangelical Christianity, and American consumerist culture.

Table of contents

Introduction "A Taste for Theory" - John D. Caputo 1. "Radical Religion and American Democracy" - Jeffrey W. Robbins 2. "Prophetic Evangelicalism: Towards a Politics of Hope" - Peter Goodwin Heltzel 3. "A Christian Politics of Vulnerability" - Anna Mercedes 4. "Truthiness, Family Values and Conservative Consumerism" - Adam S. Miller 5. ""The Cultural Logic of Evangelical Christianity" - Christopher Haley and Creston Davis 6. "Jeb Stuart's Revenge: The Civil War, the Religious Right, and American Fascism" - Clayton Crockett 7. "In What Sense is the United States a Theocracy?" - Ben Stahlberg 8. "Christianity, Capitalism, and the Battle for the Soul of the Republic" - Andrew Saldino 9. "Sovereignty and State-Form" - Rocco Gangle 10. "The Politics of Immanence" - J. Heath Atchley 11. "'An Army of One?' Subject, Signifier, and the Symbolic" - Melissa Conroy 12. "Freedom Ain't Free: Politics and Religion at the Heart of a Muddled Concept" - Mary-Jane Rubenstein 13. "Incongruent Beliefs and the Vitality of Fantasy: The New Politics of Religion" - Neal Magee Postface "Better Dead than Red - Again!" - Slavoj Zizek

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Published by Continuum (April 11th 2008) - Copyright © 2008