The Sociology Project 1.5: Introducing the Sociological Imagination, Updated First Canadian Edition, 2nd edition

  • NYU Sociology Dept
  • Kirsten Kramar
  • Jeff Manza

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Authored collaboratively by members of the NYU Sociology Department, for The Sociology Project draws on the collective wisdom of expert faculty to reveal how individuals are shaped by the contexts in which they live and act. Organized around the big questions in every subfield of the discipline, it shows how sociologists analyze our world, and sets students off on their own journeys of sociological inquiry. At its core, for The Sociology Project seeks to inspire each student’s sociological imagination, and instill in each reader a new determination to question the world around us.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. The Sociological Imagination
Chapter 2. Social Theory
Chapter 3. Studying the Social World
Chapter 4. Social Interaction
Chapter 5. Social Structure
Chapter 6. Culture. Media. and Communication
Chapter 7. Power and Politics
Chapter 8. Markets. Organizations. and Work
Chapter 9. Social Stratification. Inequality. and Poverty
Chapter 10. Race. Ethnicity. and Immigration
Chapter 11. Gender and Sexuality
Chapter 12. Families and Family Life
Chapter 13. Sociology of Religion
Chapter 14. Education
Chapter 15. Health and Medicine
Chapter 16. Deviance and Social Control
Chapter 17. Social Movements and Revolutions
Chapter 18. Environmental Sociology
Chapter 19. Population
Chapter 20. Globalization
Chapter 21. Crime and Punishment NEW

Published by Pearson Canada (January 1st 2019) - Copyright © 2020