The Stakeholder Corporation, 1st edition

  • David Wheeler
  • Maria Sillanpaa

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"Many successful businesses have a strong commitment to maximizing stakeholder loyalty" ¿ Rt Hon Tony Blair, Prime Minister

"The word is stakeholding. The style is integrity. The profession is business." ¿ Anita Roddick OBE, Founder and Chief Executive of The Body Shop

"... sets out a clear blueprint for business success in the 21st century" ¿ Terry Thomas, Chief Executive, The Co-operative Bank

"Seminal" ¿ Chris Cox MIQA, Quality World, IQA Journal

In the future, development of loyal relationships with customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders, will become one of the most important determinants of commercial viability and business success. Increasing shareholder value will be best served if your company cultivates the support of all those who may influence its performance.

The Stakeholder Corporation examines the business case for good corporate citizenship, giving you a workable management system for auditing and transforming your stakeholder relationships.

At a time when many are talking about the stakeholder economy, this book provides numerous case studies of successful businesses, which demonstrate that stakeholder inclusion is both practical and good for business.

Read this book. Improve the lives of your stakeholders. See your business prosper.

Authors :

As a senior executive at The Body Shop and a visiting professor at Kingston University, David Wheeler has a unique background of both professional and academic experience in the field of corporate ethics and stakeholding. He is best known for his work in environmental policy and corporate social responsibility.

Maria Sillanpää manages the team responsible for the production of The Body Shop's public statements on the environment, animal protection and social issues.

Table of contents

Foreword by Anita Roddick OBE.



1. Does nobody trust us?

2. Free enterprise: the rules of the game.

3. The referees and line judges: who enforce the rules?

4. The teams: companies and corporations.

5. The sponsors: investors and bankers.

6. The team captains: business leaders and CEOs.

7. The supporters: employees and customers.

8. The playing field: protecting the environment.


9. Freemarket Motor Parts Inc.

10. Responsive Systems and Technology Inc.

11. The Inclusive Magazine Company.


12. Governance and stakeholding.

13. Developing inclusive relationships with stakeholders: a general approach.

14. Cycle of inclusion: shareholders and investors.

15. Cycle of inclusion: employees and managers.

16. Cycle of continuous improvement: occupational safety and health.

17. Cycle of inclusion: customers.

18. Cycle of continuous improvement: quality.

19. Cycle of inclusion: suppliers and business partners.

20. Cycle of inclusion: the local community.

21. Cycle of inclusion: government and civil society.

22. Cycle of continuous improvement: the physical environment and non-human species.

23. Cycle of continuous improvement: transparency and public reporting.


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