Theories of Personality: Understanding Persons, 7th edition

  • Susan C. Cloninger


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Bring theory into practice with illustrative biographies, clear explanations, and the most current research 

Revel™ Theories of Personality provides an overview of major classic and current theories of personality, brings theories to life through the interpretation of illustrative biographies, and integrates a clear explanation of theory with the latest research. In the 7th Edition, you’ll find updated literature throughout, as well as timely discussions on interesting topics such as Jung’s theory, bullying, epigenetics, and more. Author Susan Cloninger encourages readers to think critically, and to see how understanding other people can bring both academic and practical benefits to our lives.

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Table of contents

About Revel and This Course

1. Introduction to Personality Theory

2. Freud's Classical Psychoanalysis

3. Jung's Analytical Psychology

4. Adler's Individual Psychology

5. Erikson's Psychosocial Development

6. Horney, Relational Theory, and the Interpersonal Psychoanalytic Approach

7. Allport's Personological Trait Theory

8. Two Factor Analytic Trait Theories

9. Biological Theories

10. Behavioral Theories

11. Kelly's Personal Construct Theory

12. Mischel’s Traits in Cognitive Social Learning Theory

13. Bandura's Theory on Performance in Cognitive Social Learning

14. Rogers's Person-Centered Theory

15. Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory and Positive Psychology

16. Buddhist Psychology

17. Concluding Remarks

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