THINK Interpersonal Communication, First Canadian Edition, 1st edition

  • Isa N. Engleberg
  • Dianna R. Wynn
  • Maria Roberts

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THINK Interpersonal Communication, First Canadian Edition distills major communication concepts, theories, research, and trends into bite-size essentials, making learning human communication not only fun, but also accessible and relatable to Canadian students. Incorporating a variety of current, real-world examples into an engaging visual design, the text’s unique approach will help students to identify and understand their own communication behaviours, as well the communication behaviour of others.

Table of contents

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Think Communication
Chapter 1: Human Communication
Chapter 2: Understanding Yourself
Chapter 3: Adapting to Canada’s Changing Faces
Chapter 4: Listening, and Critical Thinking and Reflective Practice
Chapter 5: Verbal Communication
Chapter 6: Nonverbal Communication
Think Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 7: Understanding Interpersonal Relationships
Chapter 8: Exploring Emotional Intelligence
Chapter 9: Professional Relationships
Think Group Communication
Chapter 10: Working in Groups
Chapter 11: Group Decision Making, Problem Solving and Conflict
Think Digital Citizenship, Media and Presentational Communication
Chapter 12: Communicating in a Digital World
Chapter 13: Creating Captivating Presentations
Chapter 14: Language and Delivery

Think Communication Features
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Published by Pearson Canada (February 15th 2014) - Copyright © 2015