THINK Psychology, Canadian Edition, 1st edition

  • Abigail A. Baird
  • Anjanie McCarthy


THINK Psychology, Canadian Edition is a concise presentation of the key theories and concepts of Psychology with current Canadian content and high-interest readings. Its attractive design featuring a cool, open, full-colour layout and exciting info-graphics will have a strong visual appeal for today’s students. It is also accessibly written, with numerous contemporary examples to explain the patterns and processes of human behaviour in a way students will understand.  Seven short readings on psychological topics selected from well-respected journals and popular press publications have been highlighted with annotations to introduce students to primary source material.

    The open access website, TheThinkSpot, provides students with a number of self-study tools–such as chapter-by-chapter quizzes, downloadable chapter-by-chapter study cards, and on-line flashcards–to help them achieve a better grade. With all of this and a value price of at least 20% less than other softcover Psychology texts, THINK Psychology is a text that students will gladly purchase and enjoy using.

Table of contents

1.      Introduction

2.      Research Methods (Think Reading: Becoming Friends by Chance)

3.      The Human Brain (Think Reading: Uncovering “Brainscams”)

4.      Sensation and Perception (Think Reading: A Picture’s Worth)

5.      Genetics and Evolution

6.      Human Development 1

7.      Human Development 2

8.      Sex and Gender

9.      Emotion and Motivation (Think Reading: Who Wants to be a Cognitive Neuro. Millionaire?)

10.   Consciousness

11.   Learning

12.   Memory (Think Reading: The Outer Limits of Belief)

13.   Cognition

14.   Social Psychology (Think Reading: Decades Later, Still Asking: Would I Pull That Switch)

15.   Personality and Individual Differences (Think Reading: Facebook Profiles)

16.   Psychopathology (Think Reading: Policy Forum)

17.   Treatments of Psychopathology

18.   Health


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