Thinking Mathematically, 2nd edition

  • Robert F. Blitzer

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Math is all around us.

Thinking Mathematically seeks to turn this familiar statement into a promise of opportunity and exploration. Blitzer's examples provide both a contextual and procedural base may students can easily build upon. Blitzer's examples, problems, and applications foster both an appreciation and understanding of mathematics and encourage students to take the math a step further into their everyday lives.

Table of contents

 1. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking.

 2. Set Theory.

 3. Logic.

 4. Number Representation and Calculation.

 5. Number Theory and the Real Number System.

 6. Algebra: Equations and Inequalities.

 7. Algebra: Graphs, Functions, and Linear Systems.

 8. Consumer Mathematics and Financial Management.

 9. Measurement.

10. Geometry.

11. Counting Methods and Probability Theory.

12. Statistics.

13. Mathematical Systems.

Published by Addison-Wesley (March 21st 2002) - Copyright © 2003