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To the Point, 2nd edition

  • Gilbert H Muller
  • Harvey S. Wiener

Published by Pearson (January 28th 2008) - Copyright © 2009

2nd edition

To the Point

ISBN-13: 9780321533715

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  • Paperback

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To the Point helps readers construct arguments by thinking about their own experiences, reading brief, current essays, and doing writing assignments.


  • Thoughtful readings on fresh but significant topics provide invaluable models for writing arguments.
  •  Readings cover areas from cell phones to environmentalism, from human rights to love and marriage, from immigration to terrorism, along with five classic arguments from Plato, Jonathan Swift, Virginia Woolf, Rachel Carson, and Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • A series of paired Pro/Con readings (Part 2) look at contemporary issues show that there is not always one right answer to a problem or question.

MARKET: Anyone interested in learning how to develop good arguments.

Table of contents


1. Reading Arguments


Why Argue?

The Vocabulary of Argument

Justifying an Argument

Aristotle and the Appeal to Reason

Emotional and Ethical Appeals

Toulmin Arguments

Reading Visual Arguments

Reading and Writing About Five Current Issues

Barbara Ehrenreich, “From Stone Age to Phone Age”

James Traub, “All Go Down Together”

Anna Quindlen, “One Nation, Indivisible? Wanna Bet?”

Maria Vargas Llosa, “Fence of Lies”


2. Writing Arguments


The Writing Process

First Steps

Identifying Issues

Limiting your Topic

Knowing Your Purpose and Audience

Making a Claim in Your Thesis

Supporting Your Claim

Organizing Your Argument

Checking Your Assumptions (or Warrants)

Refutation: Meeting the Opposition

Avoiding Traps in Appeals and Logic

Perspectives on Love and Marriage: Reading and Writing About a Critical Issue

Judy Brady, “I Want a Wife”

Nicholas Kristof, “Love and Race”

Ann Patchett, “Kissing Cousins”

Andrew Sullivan, “Let Gays Marry”

Barbara Kantrowitz, “Unmarried, With Children.”


3. Literary Arguments: Getting to the Point About Literature and the Arts


Reading Arguments about Literature and the Arts




Reading Literary Arguments: A Checklist


Writing Arguments about Literature and the Arts

Writing Literary Arguments: A Checklist

A Student’s Literary Argument

e.e. cummings, “in just”

Harry Singh, “Delights and Dangers of Childhood” [student essay]


Literary Arguments for Reading and Analysis

Kate Chopin, “The Story of an Hour”

Daniel P. Deneau, Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour”

Robert E. Fleming, “Wallace Stevens’ ‘The Snow Man’ and Hemingway’s ‘A Clean Well-Lighted Place’”

Carrie O’Maley, “Dickinson’s ‘I Started Early — Took My Dog —’”

Caroline Weber, “Tabloid Princess: Review of The Diana Chronicles by Tiny Brown”

Anthony Lane, “Acting Out: Review of Spider-Man 3


4. Rap Culture: Is It Too Negative?

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