Tom's Hardware Guide, 1st edition

  • Thomas Pabst
  • Michael Desmond
  • Larry Barber

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Tom's Hardware Guide was created to provide you with the inside scoop on attaining the ultimate in PC performance. Written by the originators of, the Interenet's #1 source of new technology information and performance reviews. Millions of people rely on Tom's reviews and advice. Tom's no-holds-barred approach to the PC industry has made him into the premier technology industry guru. From Intel's boardroom to the individual at the corner computer store--they all look to Tom for information on the latest technology products.

Table of contents

(NOTE: All chapters, except Chapters 1,2, 6 and 22, conclude with Tom's Pick.)


1. The Guide Guide.

What is Tom's Hardware. Tom's Hardware Guide to High Performance PCs. Exploring Each Chapter.

2. Hardware Primer.

Taking the Tour. Mobile Computing.

3. Operating Systems.

Understanding Operating Systems. Current State of the Market. Evaluating OSs.


4. CPU Guide.

Understanding CPUs. State of the CPU Market. Buying Considerations.

5. Chipset Guide.

Chipset Mission and Workings. Performance Impact Report. Available Chipsets. Evaluating Chipsets.

6. BIOS Guide.

Understanding the BIOS. Basic Optimization Tricks. The Grand Tour. Updating Your BIOS.

7. Motherboards.

Components of the Motherboard. Performance Impact Report. Currently Available Motherboards. Evaluating Motherboards.

8. RAM Guide. How RAM Works Inside the System. Performance Impact Report. RAM Choices. Evaluating RAM.

9. Overclocking Guide.

Overclocking Explained. Overclocking Your PC. Expert Overclocking.


10. Disk Controllers.

Examining IDE. Examining SCSI. Adding a Controller. Performance Tips and Tweaks.

11. Hard Disk Guide.

How Magnetic Hard Disks Work. Performance Impact Report. Currently Available Hard Disks. Evaluating Hard Disks.

12. Tape Backup Guide.

Understanding Tape Backup. Currently Available Tape Backup. Evaluating Tape Backup. Understanding Backup Routines.

13. Near-Disk Storage Guide.

Understanding Near-Line Storage. Currently Available Near-Line Storage. Evaluating Near-Line Storage.

14. Optical Storage Guide.

Understanding CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and Writable Drives. Currently Available Optical Storage. Evaluating Optical Storage.


15. Graphics Board Guide.

Understanding Graphics Boards. Currently Available Boards. Evaluating Graphics Boards. 3D Graphics in Depth. Graphics Tips.

16. Display Guide.

How CRTs Work. Performance Impact Report. Currently Available Monitors. Evaluating Monitors. Monitor Optimization Tips.

17. Sound Card Guide.

Inside Digital Audio. The New Audio Market. Performance Impact Report. Currently Available Soundcards. Evaluating Soundcards. Speakers. Audio Tips.


18. Modem Guide.

Understanding Modems and Adapters. Currently Available Modems. Evaluating Communications.

19. Network Hardware Guide.

Understanding Network Hardware. Currently Available Network Hardware. Evaluating Network Cards.


20. Input Devices.

Understanding Keyboards. Understanding Mice and Trackballs. Gaming Devices.

21. Cases and Power Supplies.

Power Supplies. Surge Protectors. Uninterruptible Power Supply. System Cases.


22. Tom's Dream Machine.

The Grand Tour. Wrapping Up.

A. Benchmarking.

Types of Benchmarks. Benchmarking Lessons.

B. Future Casting.

Mainboard Components. Peripherals. Tom's Vision.


Published by Que Publishing (August 26th 1998) - Copyright © 1998