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  5. Trading Tastes: Commodity and Cultural Exchange to 1750

Trading Tastes: Commodity and Cultural Exchange to 1750, 1st edition

  • Erik T. Gilbert
  • Jonathan T. Reynolds

Published by Pearson (September 20th 2005) - Copyright © 2006

1st edition

Trading Tastes: Commodity and Cultural Exchange to 1750

ISBN-13: 9780131900073

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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Part of the Connections: Key Themes in World History series, Trade in World History illustrates the patterns and impact of trans-continental and trans-oceanic trade from antiquity to the present through its examination of four commodities-spices, salt, sugar, and silk-and their production and long-distance trade. Trade in World History is the story of how trade served as an engine of cultural contact and exchange around the world and helped usher in modern globalization.

Table of contents

Editor’s Preface.


1. Introduction.

2. The Spice Trade.

3. The Salt Trade.

4. Sugar and Slavery.

5. The Silk Trade.

6. Epilogue: How Much Have things Changed?



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