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  5. Training in Interpersonal Skills: TIPS for Managing People at Work

Training in Interpersonal Skills: TIPS for Managing People at Work, 6th edition

  • Stephen P. Robbins
  • Philip L. Hunsaker

Published by Pearson (January 25th 2011) - Copyright © 2012

6th edition

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An applied approach to developing and practicing interpersonal skills.

By developing and practicing the material in Training in Interpersonal Skills, readers can learn how to build productive relationships for any situation. This text also helps readers master the skills necessary for personal and organizational effectiveness such as self-management, communication, teaming, and problem solving.

The sixth edition includes several new pedagogical tools–such as self-assessment quizzes, exercises, cases, etc.–and information on the importance and usage of social networking.  

Table of contents

Part I: Self-Awareness    
Chapter 1. Skills: An Introduction       
Chapter 2. Self-Awareness: A Point of Departure     
Chapter 3. Self-Management: Clarifying Values, Setting Goals, and Planning    
Chapter 4. Applying Emotional Intelligence       
Part II: Communicating    
Chapter 5. Sending Interpersonal Messages
Chapter 6. Listening and Reading Nonverbal Messages    
Chapter 7. Providing Feedback    
Chapter 8. Communicating Across Cultures    
Part III: Motivating
Chapter 9. Goal Setting    
Chapter 10. Coaching, Counseling, and Mentoring    
Chapter 11. Empowering People Through Delegation    
Part IV: Leading
Chapter 12. Politicking    
Chapter 13. Persuading    
Chapter 14. Applying Leadership Style    
Chapter 15. Managing Change    
Part V: Teaming
Chapter 16. Facilitating Teamwork
Chapter 17. Valuing Diversity    
Part VI: Problem Solving    
Chapter 18. Ethical Decision Making    
Chapter 19. Creative Problem Solving    
Chapter 20. Resolving Conflicts    
Chapter 21. Negotiating    
Part VII: Integrating Exercises  

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