Transition Methods for Youth with Disabilities, 1st edition

  • David W. Test
  • Nellie P. Aspel
  • Jane M. Everson

Transition Methods for Youth with Disabilities

ISBN-13:  9780131130647

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  • Comprehensive text shows the "how" or methods for successful transitions.
  • Instructs future teachers how to prepare students with disabilities for quality lives as adults through evidence-based best practices and skills that promote self-determination skills. 
  • Explores the historical foundations and legal requirements for providing transition services.
  • Offers practical, hands-on information about how to provide quality transition services to students.

Table of contents

Chapter 1  Introduction to Transition

Chapter 2  Best Practices and Future Issues in Transition

Chapter 3  Assessing for Transition

Chapter 4  Planning for Transition

Chapter 5  Interagency Collaboration and Teamwork

Chapter 6  Preparing Students for Postsecondary Education

Chapter 7  Preparing Students for Employment: School-Based Preparation

Chapter 8  Preparing Students for Employment: Community-Based Preparation

Chapter 9  Preparing Students for Community Living Opportunies

Chapter 10  Preparing Students for Community Participation

Chapter 11  Transition Program Evaluation

Author Index

Subject Index

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