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Trauma Journalism: On Deadline in Harm's Way, 1st edition

  • Mark H Mass
Trauma Journalism: On Deadline in Harm's Way

ISBN-13:  9781441105400


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The role of journalists in covering trauma and tragedy isn't new.¿Witnessing acts of violence, destruction and terror has long been the professional responsibility of countless print and broadcast reporters and photographers.¿ But what is new is a growing awareness of the emotional consequences of such coverage on the victims, their families and loved ones, their communities, and on the journalists whose job it is to tell these stories.¿ Trauma Journalism personalizes this movement with in-depth profiles of reporters, researchers and trauma experts engaged in an international effort to transform how the media work under the most difficult of conditions.

Through biographical sketches concerning several significant traumatic events (Oklahoma City bombing, Columbine school tragedy, 9/11, Iraq War, the South Asian tsunami, Hurricane Katrina), students and working reporters will gain insights into the critical components of contemporary journalism practices affecting news judgment, news gathering techniques, as well as legal and ethical issues. Trauma Journalism calls for the creation - through ongoing education - of a culture of caring among journalists worldwide.

Table of contents

"High Wire"
Chapter 1: Tracking a Media Movement
Faces of Trauma Journalism: Terry Anderson
Chapter 2: Transformer
Faces of Trauma Journalism: Molly Bingham
Chapter 3: Frontline Reporting
Faces of Trauma Journalism: Scott North
Chapter 4: In Tragedy's Wake
Faces of Trauma Journalism: Amy Dockser Marcus
Chapter 5: Traumatic Stress Studies
Faces of Trauma Journalism: David Handschuh
Chapter 6: Media Training and Intervention
Faces of Trauma Journalism: George Hoff
Chapter 7: News Reform 101
Faces of Trauma Journalism: Judith Matloff
Chapter 8: Culture of Caring
Faces of Trauma Journalism: Michelle Faul

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Published by Continuum (October 6th 2011) - Copyright © 2011