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  4. Ultimate Player's Guide to Skylanders Trap Team (Unofficial Guide), The

Ultimate Player's Guide to Skylanders Trap Team (Unofficial Guide), The, 1st edition

  • Hayley Camille
  • James Floyd Kelly

Published by Que Publishing (October 16th 2015) - Copyright © 2016

1st edition

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Ultimate Player's Guide to Skylanders Trap Team (Unofficial Guide), The

ISBN-13: 9780789755469

Includes: Paperback
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What's included

  • Paperback

    You'll get a bound printed text.


• The perfect hands-on Skylanders Trap Team tutorial for everyone - even the youngest players!
• Packed with full-color, action-packed game pictures, boldly labeled: great for young players
• Covers it all: setup, characters, easy gameplay strategies, hints, tricks, in-game challenges, quests, and more
• Hints and locations reveal hidden Soul Gems, treasure chests, and collectibles
• Covers all new character and villain stats, power upgrades, and attack moves
• Full walk-throughs of all bonus adventure packs, including new Kaos and Dark/Light Figures
• Helps parents of younger children set up the game and master its rules
• Covers one of the most popular kids' game series ever created!

Table of contents

Introduction     1
Portal Masters, Ready!     1
What Secrets Will You Uncover?     1
Share Your Sky-deas!     3

Chapter 1 Prison Breakout!     5
Greetings Portal Master!     5

Chapter 2 Ready, Set, Go!     7
Where You Can Play     8
What You Need to Play     11
How the Game Works     13
The Skylands Honor Roll     15
Elements     24
Traps and the Traptanium Portal     25
Study Your Stats!     29
Power Up Your Heroes with Upgrades     31
Portal Master Rankings     32
Accessorize!     34

Chapter 3 Meet the Skylanders     43
Bushwhack: “Axe to the Max!”     44
Tuff Luck: “It’s Your Lucky Day!”     45
Food Fight: “Eat This!”     47
Sure Shot Shroomboom: “He Shoots, He Spores!”     48
High Five: “Buzz Off!”     50
Barkley: “Be Afraid of the Bark!”     51
Whisper Elf: “Silent but Deadly!”     53
Enigma: “Out of Sight!”     54
Blastermind: “Mind over Matter”     56
Déjà vu: “Did That Just Happen?”     57
Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz: “The Motion of the Potion!”     59
Cobra Cadabra: “Charmed and Ready!”     60
Spry: “All Fired Up!”     62
Mini Jini: “Any Last Wishes?”     63
Gusto: “Gusts and Glory!”     65
Thunderbolt: “A Storm Is Coming!”     66
Blades: “Looking Sharp!”     68
Full Blast Jet-Vac: “Hawk and Awe!”     69
Fling Kong: “Monkey See, Monkey Doom!”     71
Breeze: “Twists of Fury!”     72
Pet Vac: “Hawk ‘N’ AWE!”     74
Snap Shot: “Croc and Roll!”     75
Lob-Star: “Star Bright, Star Fight!”     77
Tidal Wave Gill Grunt: “Fear the Fish!”     78
Echo: “Let’s Make Some Noise!”     80
Flip Wreck: “Making Waves!”     81
Thumpling: “Hail to the Whale!”     83
Gill Runt: “Fear the Fish!”     84
Jawbreaker: “Down For the Count!”     86
Gearshift: “All Geared Up!”     87
Chopper: “Dino Might!”     89
Tread Head: “Tread and Shred!”     90
Drobit: “Blink and Destroy!”     91
Trigger Snappy: “No Gold, No Glory!”     93
Wildfire: “Bringing the Heat!”     94
Ka-Boom: “Boom Time!”     96
Torch: “Fire It Up!”     97
Trail Blazer: “The Mane Event!”     99
Hog Wild Fryno: “Crash and Burn!”     100

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