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Understanding Business Ethics, 1st edition

  • Peter A. Stanwick
  • Sarah Stanwick
Understanding Business Ethics

ISBN-13: 9780131735422

Includes: Paperback

1st edition

Published byPearson (January 14th 2008) - Copyright © 2009

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This text is a vehicle for classroom discussion on recent, ethical business cases; and how students can handle future ones in their careers.

KEY TOPICS: Topics include the theoretical background of ethics, ethical decision making, relationships between businesses and stakeholders, ethical issues relating to the firms interaction with the natural environment, health care, and ethical issues related to information technology, strategic planning, and corporate culture.

MARKET: To help business professionals and business school students consider the positive consequences of ethical behavior, and the negative consequences of unethical behavior.

Table of contents


Chapter 1    The Foundation of Ethical Thought    
Chapter 2    Contemporary Issues in Business Ethics    
Chapter 3     Stakeholders and Corporate Social Responsibility    
Chapter 4     Corporate Governance and Corporate Compliance    
Chapter 5     Ethics and the Environment    
Chapter 6     Health Care Ethics    
Chapter 7     Ethics and Information Technology    
Chapter 8     Strategic Planning and Corporate Culture    
Chapter 9     Ethics and Financial Reporting    
Chapter 10    Establishing a Code of Ethics and Ethical Guidelines    
Chapter 11     Evaluating Corporate Ethics    

Case 1: Adelphia: What’s Wrong With This Picture?   
Case 2: Ahold: Is That The Dutch Translation of Enron?
Case 3:  Blue Bayou
Case 4:  Boeing: How Low Can They Fly?
Case 5:  Bre-X:  All That Glitters Isn’t Gold
Case 6:  Conrad Black and Hollinger International: All the News That’s Fit to Sell
Case 7:  Enron: Were They The Crookedest Guys in the Room?
Case 8:  Google: Don’t Do Evil Unless…  
Case 9:  HealthSouth: The Rise and Fall of the Scrushy Empire
Case 10:  Herman Miller: Eddie Get Off That Chair
Case 11:  Interface: More Than Just a Carpet Company
Case 12:  Livedoor: Ethical Issues in Japan
Case 13:  Lucent Technologies: What Does FCPA Mean Again?
Case 14: Martha Stewart and ImClone:  What Color Goes with Prison Gray?
Case 15: McWane: A Dangerous Business
Case 16:  Merck’s Vioxx: How Would You Interpret the Data?
Case 17:  Music Industry: Ethical Issues In a Digital Age
Case 18:  Parmalat: Can You Sue Over Spilled Milk?
Case 19:  Perfect Payday: How Apple Computer And Others Have Learned to Love Stock Options
Case 20:  Tyco: I’m Sure That It’s A Really Nice Shower Curtain
Case 21:  Volkswagen: Herbie Takes Investors for a Ride
Case 22:  Wal-Mart: But We Do Give Them A 10% Employee Discount
Case 23:  WorldCom: Can You Hear The Lawsuits Now?

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