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  5. Understanding Canadian Federalism: An Introduction to Theory and Practice

Understanding Canadian Federalism: An Introduction to Theory and Practice, 1st edition

  • Gregory J. Inwood

Published by Pearson Canada (October 1st 2012) - Copyright © 2013

1st edition

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Understanding Canadian Federalism provides an accessible and straightforward overview of the complex world of Canadian federalism and intergovernmental relations. Its boxed features, reader-friendly language, and interrogative style make the book an engaging and lively read.

          Understanding Canadian Federalism deals thematically with the theoretical and practical issues that have shaped, and continue to confront, Canadian federalism and presents them through the lens of a political economy perspective. It provides an understanding of the essential elements of Canadian federalism will grant readers a solid foundation in the intergovernmental issues that shape Canadian politics.

Table of contents


  1. Understanding Canadian Federalism
  2. The Political Economy of Pre-Confederation Canada: The Long Road to Federalism
  3. The Political Economy of Post-Confederation Canada: The Achievement of Federalism
  4. The Evolution of Intergovernmental Relations and Federal-Provincial Conflict
  5. The Rise of Executive Federalism
  6. Conflict Resolution, Judicial Review, and Intergovernmental Accords and Agreements
  7. The Political Cultures of Canadian Federalism
  8. Nationalism and Federalism: Quebec in the Federation
  9. Aboriginal Governance and Federalism
  10. Money Matters: Fiscal Federalism
  11. Intergovernmental Policy (In)Capacity
  12. Local, Continental and Global Dimensions of Federalism
  13. Contemporary Canadian Federalism: Reformation or Transformation?



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