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UNIX for Programmers and Users, 3rd edition

  • Graham Glass
  • King Ables
UNIX for Programmers and Users

ISBN-13: 9780130465535

Includes: Paperback

3rd edition

Published byPearson (February 6th 2003) - Copyright © 2003

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Free delivery
$146.65 $117.32

What's included

  • Paperback

    You'll get a bound printed text.


For an introductory course on UNIX.

UNIX for Programmers and Users, Third Edition follows in the tradition of previous editions to provide students with complete, up-to-date coverage of UNIX. In this new edition they will find information on basic concepts, popular utilities, shells, networking, systems programming, internals, system administration, and much more.

Table of contents

 1. What Is UNIX?

 2. UNIX for Non-Programmers.

 3. The UNIX Shells.

 4. The Bourne Shell.

 5. The Korn Shell.

 6. The C Shell.

 7. Bash.

 8. The Bourne Again Shell.

 9. Networking.

10. The Internet.

11. Windowing Systems.

12. C Programming Tools.

13. Systems Programming.

14. UNIX Internals.

15. System Administration.

16. The Future.



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