UNIX Tamed, 1st edition

  • Rodney C. Wilson

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The ideal quickstart guide to UNIX for all newcomers. KEY TOPICS: This is a concise, complete and easy-to-use reference guide and UNIX workbook for anyone who needs to get up and running fast. Learn UNIX with practical examples of the most common commands and utilities. Get confident with UNIX syntax and semantics fast. Understand UNIX files, directories and file systems. Learn the basics of the most popular UNIX command shells, including the Bourne Shell, the C Shell, and the Korn Shell. Learn basic system administration techniques that can make you more productive even when your system administrator isn't available. MARKET: Anyone new to UNIX, especially former DOS, Windows and mainframe users.

Table of contents

 1. Introduction to UNIX.

 2. The ex, vi Editors, and the ksh (Korn Shell).

 3. Communication and File Handling Tools.

 4. Files, Directories, and File Systems.

 5. The Shell, Redirection, Pipes, and Metacharacters.

 6. The Bourne Shell.

 7. The C Shell.

 8. Advanced UNIX Commands.

 9. Introduction to Programming Tools.

10. Basic System Administration.

11. Practical Extraction and Report Language (PERL).

Published by Pearson (December 6th 1995) - Copyright © 1996