Vicissitudes of the I: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind, 1st edition

  • Hollibert Phillips

Vicissitudes of the I: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind

ISBN-13:  9780131087217

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  • the text is divided into historical and contemporary sections, allowing the reader to become acquainted with issues posed by classic philosophy and with the current viewpoints on these classics.
  • presents material in an active, conversational way, opening the material to discussion, exploration, and debate.
  • explores the often neglected concept of identity.

Table of contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with an In Brief and Suggestions for Further Reading section.)

1. The Cartesian I and Other Dualisms.

Cartesian Dualism. Other Forms of Dualism. In Brief. Suggestions for Further Reading.

2. Hume and the Lost I.

No I Contact. The Notion of Identity. Persons and Personal Identity.

3. Getting Along without the I.

Behaviorism. Identity Theory. Functionalism. Artificial Intelligence. Connectionism.

4. Consciousness without an I.

Consciousness. Intentionality. Supervenience.

5. Folk Psychology Meets the I.

Folk Talk. Propositional Attitudes. Belief and Desire.

6. Do I: Really?

Was I Ever Responsible? Qualia Again.




Published by Pearson (September 14th 1994) - Copyright © 1995