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  5. Victimology: Legal, Psychological, and Social Perspectives

Victimology: Legal, Psychological, and Social Perspectives, 5th edition

  • Harvey Wallace
  • Cliff Roberson

Published by Pearson (January 3rd 2018) - Copyright © 2019

5th edition

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Victimology: Legal, Psychological, and Social Perspectives

ISBN-13: 9780134868264

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For courses in the field of victimology.

An easy-to-read global perspective on the study of victimology
Victimology: Legal, Psychological, and Social Perspectives examines trends in victim¿-offender relationships, with emphasis on victims’ rights. The text discusses two components of victimology. The first deals with the harm victims suffer, victim services, reducing victimization, and consequences for offenders. The second looks at the role of being selected as a victim. Other topics include victim impact statements, constitutional and civil rights of victims, compensation and restitution of victims, international aspects of victimology, sexual victimization, intimate partner abuse, and child abuse. The 5th edition explores evolving theories, research, and trends in victimology, with particular attention paid to the causes and consequences of victimization.

Table of contents

1. Introduction and History of Victimology
2. An Overview of the Justice System
3. Measurement of Crime and Its Effects
4. The Consequences of Victimization
5. Victim Advocacy
6. Homicide Victims
7. Sexual Victimization
8. Intimate Partner Abuse
9. Child Abuse
10. Elder Victims
11. Hate Crimes
12. Special Victim Populations
13. Negligence and Intentional Torts
14. Constitutional and Civil Rights of Victims
15. Compensation and Restitution of Victims
16. Victim Impact Statements
17. International Aspects of Victimology

Epilogue: Broad Themes
Appendix: Critical Dates in the Victims’ Rights Movement

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