Warm Air Heating for Climate Control, 5th edition

  • William B. Cooper
  • Raymond E. Lee
  • Martin B. Sirowatka
  • Raymond A. Quinlan

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This new edition of Warm Air Heating for Climate Control offers updated comprehensive coverage of the operation, troubleshooting, and service of warm air and hydronic heating systems. Intended for technicians, this well-illustrated text is a practical guide to how these systems are designed, installed, and maintained in real-world applications.

Key features of this new edition include:

  • Expanded troubleshooting sections, especially for the Honeywell Smart Valve ignition system.
  • New coverage of the installation and operation of the new GeoExchange (geothermal) heat pump system.
  • Updated coverage of zoning systems (residential) and their applications.
  • Expanded coverage of hydronic systems with integrated cooling systems.
  • Updated information on energy efficient windows and other construction components, along with new code requirements.
  • Revised chapters on indoor air quality, with new coverage of HEPA filters, energy recovery, and germicidal devices.

Table of contents

 1. Climate Control.

 2. Safety Analysis and Identification.

 3. Combustion and Fuels.

 4. Parts Common to All Furnaces.

 5. Components of Gas-Burning Furnaces.

 6. Basic Electricity and Electrical Symbols.

 7. Schematic Wiring Diagrams.

 8. Using Electrical Test Instrument and Equipment.

 9. Electrical Service Wiring.

10. Controls Common to All Forced-Air Furnaces.

11. Gas Furnace Controls.

12. High-Efficiency Furnaces.

13. Components of Oil-Burning Furnaces.

14. Oil Furnace Controls.

15. Electric Heating.

16. Estimating the Heating Load.

17. Evaluating a Heating System.

18. Installation Practice.

19. Heating System Maintenance and Customer Relations.

20. Energy Conservation.

21. Indoor Air Quality.

22. Zoning.

23. Hydronic Heating.

24. Heat Pumps and Add-On Air-Conditioning.


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Published by Pearson (August 2nd 2002) - Copyright © 2003