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Welding, 2nd edition

  • David J. Hoffman
  • Kevin R. Dahle
  • David J. Fisher

Published by Pearson (February 5th 2016) - Copyright © 2017

2nd edition


An easy-to-read and highly visual “diameter of electrodes” approach to welding.

Most textbooks do not cover smaller diameter electrodes well. Welding does. With over 50 years combined experience, the authors have created a book that is both reference-friendly and incredibly engaging to students and professionals alike. With setups for every important weld and step-by-step procedures and photos for every step, this is the only book on welding you will ever need.


Welding provides readers with cleanly designed and concise chapters. Essential coverage of safety, theory, key skills, easy-to-read reference charts and tables, detailed step-by-step procedures, and a strong emphasis on the diameter of electrodes is covered in a simple, yet comprehensive way. After an introduction to welding and to welding safety, each major welding process is presented in its own chapter so they can easily be discussed in the classroom. Following the weld processes, chapters focus on critical topics such as codes, destructive and non-destructive weld testing, welding symbols, welding metallurgy, welding ferrous and nonferrous alloys, and welding power sources.


The Second Edition has been updated to include a new chapter on pipe welding and techniques, a new macro look at metallurgy, and a more procedural approach to welding alloys. Welding codes and testing have also been split into two separate chapters, for accessibility and ease of use.

Table of contents

Part 1 Introductory Materials

Chapter 1 Welding Jobs and Employment Skills


Chapter 2 Safety in Welding

Safety Overview

The Hazardous Materials Identification System

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Electrical Considerations

Secondary Welding Output

Gases and Fumes


Fire Prevention


Compressed Cylinders

Part 2 Commonly Used Welding Processes

Chapter 3 Shielded Metal Arc Welding


SMAW Safety

Power Source and Peripherals

Controls and Characteristics

SMAW Setup



Chapter 4 Gas Metal Arc Welding



Power Source and Peripherals

Controls and Characteristics

GMAW Setup


Modes of Metal Transfer


Shielding Gases 123

Chapter 5 Flux Cored Arc Welding



Power Source and Peripherals

Controls and Characteristics

FCAW Setup



Shielding Gases

Chapter 6 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding



Power Source and Peripherals

Controls and Characteristics

Optional Controls and Characteristics


Filler Metal

Shielding Gases


Chapter 7 Pipe Welding


Pipe Welding Primer

Joint Preparation

Weld Joint Fit Up

Tack Welds

Root Pass Welding

Fill Pass Welding

Cap Pass Welding


Welding Tables

Part 3 Other Welding and Related Processes

Chapter 8 Other Welding Processes


Oxygen-Fuel Welding

Torch Shutdown

Plasma Arc Welding

Resistance Welding

Stud Welding

Submerged Arc Welding

Electroslag Welding

Solid State Welding Processes

Chapter 9 Cutting Processes


Cutting Terminology

Oxygen-Fuel Cutting

Step-By-Step Torch Shutdown

Air Carbon Arc Cutting

Plasma Arc Cutting

Laser Beam Cutting

Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

Part 4 Metals and Alloys

Chapter 10 Metals and Welding Metallurgy

Welding Metallurgy

Physical and Mechanical Properties of Metals

Metal Identification Methods

Crystalline Structure of Metals

Iron-Carbon Phase Diagram

Heat-Treating Processes

Welding Cooling Rate Effects

Transverse And Longitudinal Shrinkage

Chapter 11 Welding Ferrous Alloys


Welding Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels

Welding Stainless Steels

Welding Tool Steels

Welding Cast Irons

Chapter 12 Welding Nonferrous Alloys

Welding Aluminum

Welding Magnesium

Welding Nickel-Based Alloys

Welding Reactive Metals Titanium

Part 5 Welding Related Concentrations

Chapter 13 Welding Symbols


Welding Symbols

Weld Symbols

Fillet Weld Symbol

Seam Weld Symbol

Spot Weld Symbol

Projection Weld Symbol

Stud Weld Symbol

Plug Weld Symbol

Slot Weld Symbol

Groove Weld Symbols

Edge Weld Symbol

Surface Weld Symbol

NonDestructive Weld Symbols

Chapter 14 Welding Codes


The Welding Inspector—General

Codes, Standards, and Specifications


Welding Procedures

Essential and Nonessential Variables

Chapter 15 Weld Testing

Weld Testing

Testing Fillet Welds

Nondestructive Testing

Radiographic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing

Magnetic Particle Testing

Dye Penetrant Testing

Chapter 16 Power Sources


Electron Theory

Electrical Current

Direct Current

Alternating Current

Power Sources

Power Source Ratings

Part 6 Supplementary Information

Appendix A Troubleshooting

Appendix B Conversion

Appendix C Properties

Appendix D Pipes and Beams

Appendix E Load Strength

Appendix F Welding Formulas and Costs

Appendix G Periodic Table



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