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What Every Teacher Should Know About Teacher-Tested Classroom Management Strategies, 3rd edition

  • Blossom S. Nissman

Published by Pearson (May 8th 2008) - Copyright © 2009

3rd edition


This guide presents over 100 teacher-tested classroom management strategies for K-12 classrooms, including addressing management problems such as: absenteeism, disruptive behavior, tardiness, lack of motivation, and short attention spans. Readers are presented with a classroom management problem, the teacher's concern, and workable options for solving each discipline problem. Additionally, classroom management problems are organized alphabetically for easy reference.

This guide was designed to present management methods that will give the classroom teacher the freedom to provide each child with maximum opportunities to learn, as well as facilitate productive relationships with administration, colleagues, parents, and communities.

Table of contents

SECTION I  Alphabetically Organized Classroom Management Strategies

SECTION II  A Teacher-Tested Elementary Classroom Management System

SECTION III  Additional Specific Management Suggestions Provided by Middle and Secondary School Teachers

SECTION IV  A Teacher-Tested Middle and Secondary Classroom Management System

SECTION V  The School Counselor's Role in Classroom Management

SECTION VI  Conclusion

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