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  5. Whatever it Takes: The Realities of Managerial Decision Making

Whatever it Takes: The Realities of Managerial Decision Making, 2nd edition

  • Morgan W. McCall
  • Robert E. Kaplan

Published by Pearson (December 19th 1989) - Copyright © 1990

2nd edition

Whatever it Takes: The Realities of Managerial Decision Making

ISBN-13: 9780139521362

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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Here's what experts had to say about the First Edition:

"McCall and Kaplan have written a book that is stimulating, challenging, exciting, and provocative. The authors combine excellent writing with a textured understanding of the problems that confront managers when they make decisions. As a result, this book is filled with insights that one wants to savor and reflect on further. The authors fill this book with practical advice and rules of thumb that will be of value to those involved in decision making. As these two reasons suggest, the book should appeal to both researcher and practitioner."

Robert J. Bies
Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
Kellogg Graduate School of Management
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL

"The writing style is crisp and down-to-earth. The authors tell it like it is, giving the in-house politics and existential absurdity of decision-making equal time in a refreshing departure from recent ideological treatments of corporate excellence. McCall and Kaplan weave together findings from research and quips from harried, real-life managers about the decision-making problems that confront them."

William J. Rothwell, Ph.D
HRD Program
Illinois Office of the Auditor General

"This is an excellent book. Probably the most readable and engaging discussion of decision making I have seen in a while. A most welcome and refreshing change from the alternatives available on the market."

Vasu Ramanujam
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio

Table of contents




1. They Have Sown the Wind, and They Shall Reap the Whirlwind.

2 .Managerial Problems: The Emergence of Meaning.

What Are the Problems? Are the Problems Clearly Defined? The Flow of Information. Making Sense of the Pieces. Creating Problems: An Overview.

3. Priorities for Action.

To Act or Not to Act. What to Work On: Some Words of Advice.

4. Into Action.

Contextual Factors Affecting the Type of Action. Action: Quick or Convoluted. Implications for Managerial Effectiveness.

5. Victory or Defeat.

After Action, Then What? The Ambiguity of Action and Consequences. Consequences, While Ambiguous, Do Matter. Living with the Results.

6. Awash in Decision Streams: Implications for Staying Afloat.

There Are Some Things No One Can Do Much About. Some Things Individual Managers Can Do Something About. Some Things the Organization Can Do Something About.




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