Wills, Trusts, and Estates Administration, 5th edition

  • Suzan D. Herskowitz

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Designed for paralegal students and legal professionals


Flexible, complete coverage of all pertinent topics in the field of estate planning, in a format that’s accessible to all levels of students

Wills, Trusts, and Estates Administration presents the fundamentals of the field in a flexible approach that captures the complexities of modern estate planning while maintaining a clear, accessible style. The book’s self-contained chapters let instructors easily adapt the material to their own classes and students. Written by a lawyer with 30 years of experience in the estate-planning field, it covers practical issues that arise in law office—situations that students will actually encounter when they begin their careers. The focus is on issues that concern today’s typical American client, such as the trend towards an aging population, the growing population of families in second marriages, blended families and families in which the grandparents are raising their grandchildren, as well as those families that include non-married or same-sex couples. Current statistics concerning the aging population in the United States keep readers up to date on how current trends affect the estate planning industry.

Table of contents



  1. Purpose and Need for a Will 

  2. Property 

  3. Testate or Intestate 

  4. The Will 

  5. Will Preparation and Drafting 

  6. Advance Directives 

  7. Planning for Non-Traditional Families 

  8. Trusts: Elements and Purpose 

  9. Specialized Trusts and Gifts 

  10. The Personal Representative 

  11. Estate Administration 

  12. Tax Considerations in Estate Administration 

  13. The Probate Court and Uniform Laws 

  14. Paralegals and Ethics 

Appendix A Important Cases Concerning the Right to Die 

Appendix B Selected Wills of Famous People 

Appendix C Internet Websites 

Appendix D 



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