Windows NT Registry, 1st edition

  • Sandra Osborne

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More than a simple troubleshooting or optimization book, this solutions-driven guide shows you how to manage hardware, Windows NT Workstation and other clients, notebook computers, application software, and Internet settings in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. If you're a network developer, system engineer, server administrator, or workstation technician, you'll come to rely on the expert advice contained in this comprehensive reference.

Table of contents


1. Disc Drives.

Floppy Drives. Hard Drives. CD-ROM Drives.

2. Configuring Display Settings.

The Display Applet. Configuring Video Cards. The Font Key.

3. Settings for Mice and Keyboards.

The Mouse Key. Keyboards.

4. Settings for Sound.

Installing Sound. Other Sound Registry Keys and Their Values.

5. Settings for Memory.

Managing the Memory with the System Applet. The Memory Management Key.

6. Settings for Configuring Network Adapters.

Installing Network Cards via the Network Applet. Adding Network Card .Inf Files. The Service Name Key. The NetRules Key. The Ncpa Key. The Service Key. The Parameters Key.

7. Configuring Printers.

The Printer Applet. User Settings for Printers. Environment Keys and Values. Print Monitor Keys and Values. Other Printer Settings in the Registry.

8. Other Hardware Issues.

HP ScanJet 4c. Tape Backups. Iomega Zip Drives.

9. Configuring Notebook Computers.

PC Cards. Standalone Versus Network Configuration 9.


10. Modifying the Windows NT Workstation Boot Process.

The Windows NT Pre-Registry Boot Process. The Role of the Registry. Troubleshooting and Modifying the Boot Process.

11. Managing the Desktop.

Accessibility Options. Regional Settings.

12. System Components.

File Extensions. Settings for ODBC.

13. Windows NT Profiles.

The Hardware Profiles Tab of the System Applet. The User Profiles Tab of the System Applet. System Policies and the System Policy Editor.

14. Security.

The Windows NT Security Model. Settings for User Security. Settings for Permissions. The C2 Security Manager.

15. Settings Created by the User Manager Tool.

The Windows NT Workstation 4.0 User Manager. The Windows NT Server 4.0 User Manager for Domains.


16. Settings for Dial-Up Networking.

Launching the Dial-Up Networking Applet. The Dial-Up Networking Screen. The More Drop-down List Box.

17. Configuring Network Services.

Computer Identification. Using Applets to Configure Windows NT Services.

18. Configuring Network Communications.

NetBIOS Names and the NetBIOS Gateway. The AsyncMac and NisWan Keys. RAS and NWLink. Remote Access TCP/IP. Point-to-Point Protocol. Other Remote Access Service Parameters.

19. Configuring TCP/IP.

TCP/IP. Other TCP/IP Settings. DHCP Values.


A. Windows NT Workstation Registry Keys.

HKEY_ClASSES_ROOT Subkeys and Their Values. HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG Subkeys and Their Values. HKEY_CURRENT_USER Subkeys and Their Values. HKEY_USERS Subkey and Their Values. B Windows NT Server Registry Issues.


Published by Sams Publishing (September 22nd 1998) - Copyright © 1998