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Women and Ordination in the Christian Churches: International Perspectives, 1st edition

Published by T & T Clark International (September 30th 2008) - Copyright © 2008

1st edition

Women and Ordination in the Christian Churches: International Perspectives

ISBN-13: 9780567031549

Includes: Hardcover

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  • Hardcover

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The growth of women's ordained ministry is one of the most remarkable and significant developments in the recent history of Christianity. This collection of essays brings together leading contributors from both academic and church contexts to explore Christian experiences of ordaining women in theological, sociological, historical and anthropological perspective.¿ Key questions include: How have national, denominational and ecclesial cultures shaped the different ways in which women's ordination is debated and/or enacted? What differences have women's ordained ministry, and debates on women's ordination, made in various church contexts? What 'unfinished business' remains (in both congregational and wider ministry)? How have Christians variously conceived ordained ministry which includes both women and men?¿ How do ordained women and men work together in practice? What have been the particular implications for female clergy? And for male clergy? What distinctive issues are raised by women's entry into senior ordained/leadership positions?¿ How do episcopal and non-episcopal traditions differ in this?

Table of contents

Contents Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction Ian Jones, Kirsty Thorpe and Janet Wootton Part I: Theological Perspectives 1 Hermeneutical Questions: the Ordination of Women in the Light of Biblical and Patristic Typology Frances Young 2 The Ordination of Women in the Roman Catholic Church Catherine Gyarmathy-Amherd 3 The Ordination of Women from an Orthodox Perspective Katerina Karkala-Zorba 4 Should Theological Education Be Different for Clergywomen? Doing Women's Work; in a Mainline Protestant Seminary Ellen Blue 5 Doing Leadership Differently? Women and Senior Leadership in the Church of England Rosie Ward Part II: Historical Perspectives 6 Winifred Kiek, Migration and the Prophetic Role of Congregational Women Ministers in Australia, 1927-1977 Julia Pitman 7 Women and Ministry within the British Unitarian Movement Ann Peart 8 The Process in the Church of Sweden towards the Ordination of Women as Priests and the Consecration of Women as Bishops Christina Odenberg 9 The Ordination of Women in Africa: a Historical Perspective Esther Mombo 10 Women's Ordination in the Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht: Discussion, Decision-Making and Reception Angela Berlis Part III: Sociological Perspectives 11 Forever pruning? The Path to Ordained Women's Full Participation in the Episcopal Church of the United States of America Adair Lummis 12 The Feminisation and Professionalisation of Ordained Ministry within the M'ohi Protestant Church in French Polynesia Gwendoline Malogne-Fer 13 Neither Male nor Female: Tradition, Ordination and Nigerian Female Leaders of New Generation Churches Bolaji Bateye, 14 One Ministry, Separate Spheres: The Experiences of Ordained Women in Senior Leadership in The Salvation Army in the UK Helen Cameron and Gillian Jackson 15 Daughters of Jerusalem, Mothers of Salem: Caribbean Women in the Ministry of the Anglican Church Evie Vernon AFTERWORD Ian Jones

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