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Working with School-Age Children, 2nd edition

  • Marlene Bumgarner
  • Mary Hoshiko Haughey

Published by Pearson (January 6th 2016) - Copyright © 2017

2nd edition

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Here is a practical look at the roles of adults in children’s lives outside of the classroom examined through the experiences of real people in a wide variety of settings and with a diversity of needs and insights. Working with School-Age Children helps to define the role of professional child and youth workers in the lives of children and families. The book builds on a foundation of child development theory and provides a historical overview of the subject and an overview of school-age care in other parts of the world to help ground the work done by the people represented in the book.


The book describes the issues children face in today’s world and the attributes and skills critical for people who work with school-age children. Included are strategies for adult involvement, healthy and productive activities, and guidelines for developing and sustaining afterschool programs.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Where Are Our Children After School?  
Chapter 2 A View of the Field: School-Age Care and Youth Development  
Chapter 3 Developing and Ensuring Program Quality  
Chapter 4 What Does It Take to Work with School-Age Children?  
Chapter 5 Theories of Child Development  
Chapter 6 The Adult’s Role in Socialization and Development  
Chapter 7 Concerns Facing Today’s Children  
Chapter 8 Understanding and Guiding Children’s Behavior  
Chapter 9 Environments of School-Age Children  
Chapter 10
Cooperative Program Planning  
Chapter 11
A Health and Fitness Curriculum: Fighting Back Against Childhood Obesity  
Chapter 12
Engaging Children in Indoor Activities  
Chapter 13
Engaging Children in Outdoor Activities  
Chapter 14
Working with Older School-Age Children and Teens  
Chapter 15
Developing Partnerships with Families, Schools, and the Community  
Chapter 16
Administrative Issues: Licensing, Policies, and Personnel  
Appendix National Afterschool Association Code of Ethics 


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