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Working Writer, The, 5th edition

  • Toby Fulwiler
Working Writer, The

ISBN-13: 9780132278966

Includes: Paperback

5th edition

Published byPearson (May 25th 2006) - Copyright © 2007

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What's included

  • Paperback

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This outstanding, concise writing guide is key to your success in class and will help you write clearly and convincingly throughout college and beyond.  In The Working Writer, Fifth Edition, Toby Fulwiler supports you with:

  • instruction and models for a broad range of writing occassions: reflecting on experience, exploring self and others, explaining things, arguing for and against, interpreting texts, writing creative nonfiction, writing examinations, and writing on the job.
  • three timely, new chapters: "Reading Images Critically," "Writing Across and Within the Disciplines," and "Writing on the Job."
  • his rich experience and compassionate, candid writing style.

Table of contents

Working Writer, fifth edition

Part One

1    Why Writing Matters

2     Reading Texts Critically

3     Reading Images Critically

4.    The Elements of Composition

5     Keeping a Journal

6     Strategies for Starting

7     Sharing and Responding



 Writing Essays

        8        Reflecting on Experience

        9        Exploring Identities: Self and Others

        10      Explaining Things

        11      Arguing For and Against

        12      Interpreting Texts    

        13      Writing Creative Nonfiction

        14      Writing Essay Examinations


Revising and Editing

15    Strategies for Revision

16    Focused Revision

17    Openings and Closings

18    Options for Paragraphs

19    Options for Sentences

        20    Punctuating Sentences

        21   Portfolios and Publishing



Research across the disciplines


22         Writing and Research Across the Disciplines (new short chapter)

23         Strategies for Conducting Research  

24         Conducting Library Research    (include info from evaluating sources…)

25         Conducting Online Research   (include info from evaluating sources…)

26         Conducting Field Research  (include info from evaluating sources…)

27         Working with Sources  (include plagiarism)                  


     Writing on the Job (includes Writing Letters and Résumés)  

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