World in the Twentieth Century, The, 7th edition

  • Daniel R. Brower
  • Thomas Sanders

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Explores major political and economic changes of the 20th century


The World in the Twentieth Century, 7/e, discusses the major political and economic changes that have reshaped global relations. The central theme of the book is that the most profound transformation of the 20th century was the emergence of nation-states in place of disintegrating empires.


Three main subjects help to interpret the forces of global change: the international history of the nation-states; the role of ideology in shaping political and cultural movements and social values; and the evolution of world economic relations.





Table of contents


Chapter 1: Empires In Flux: The World In The Early Twentieth Century

Chapter 2: War and Revolutions, 1914-1930

Chapter 3: Postwar Europe and Its Empires

Chapter 4: Nations Versus Empires In Asia: Turkey, India, China, 1918-1941

Chapter 5: Despotic Empires Of The 1930s: Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Japanese Empire, 1930-1941

Chapter 6: The Last World War, 1939-1945



Chapter 7: The Cold War and The West

Chapter 8: Cold War and Revolutions in East Asia

Chapter 9: The Resurgence of China and Japan, 1945-2000

Chapter 10: New Nations in South Asia

Chapter 11: Africa and Latin America in the Third World

Chapter 12: Nations at War in the Middle East

Chapter 13: The West from Cold War to European Union

Chapter 14: Local Wars, Global Economy: The World in the Late Twentieth Century

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