Worldviews: Crosscultural Explorations of Human Beliefs, 3rd edition

  • Ninian Smart

Worldviews: Crosscultural Explorations of Human Beliefs

ISBN-13:  9780130209801

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This book offers a balanced, wide-ranging, and realistic approach to the full range of worldviews, showing how, whether religious or secular, they define the human values that drive the engines of both continuity and change worldwide. It shows readers the dynamics of each tradition, and emphasizes that although the various traditions may all share similar aspects, they each assign varying levels of importance to specific areas. KEY TOPICS: Explores the major religious traditions and secular ideologies (Marxism, nationalisms, scientific humanism) from six dimensions: experiential/emotional; narrative/mythic; doctrinal/philosophical; ethical/legal; ritual/practical; and social/organizational. MARKET: For anyone interested in comparative worldviews, religious and secular.

Table of contents

1. Exploring Religion and Analyzing Worldviews.

2. Worldviews: An Inventory.

3. The Experiential Dimension.

4. The Mythic Dimension.

5. The Doctrinal Dimension.

6. The Ethical Dimension.

7. The Ritual Dimension.

8. The Social Dimension.

9. Reflections on the Twentieth Century.

Postscript: Further Explorations in Worldview Analysis.

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