Writer's Options, The: Lessons in Style and Arrangement, 8th edition

  • Max Morenberg
  • Jeff Sommers

Writer's Options, The: Lessons in Style and Arrangement

ISBN-13:  9780205533169

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The Writer's Options encourages readers to investigate their writing “options” through sentence-combining and rearrangement to create more sophisticated, more effective compositions.  The text contains ample practice with arranging and rearranging sentences, paragraphs, and essays as a means of strengthening prose and conveying a more effective message.

Table of contents

PART ONE  An Introductory Lesson

LESSON 1 Playing with Sentences  

PART TWO   Lessons in Style:  Revising Sentences

LESSON 2   Relative Clauses
LESSON 3 Participles  
LESSON 4 Appositives  
LESSON 5 Absolutes  
LESSON 6 Prepositional Phrases and Infinitive Phrases  
LESSON 7 Coordination and Subordination     
LESSON 8 Noun Substitutes     

PART THREE: Lessons in Rearrangement: Revising Paragraphs and Whole Drafts  

LESSON 9 Coherence  
LESSON 10 Rearrangement and Repetition for Emphasis  
LESSON 11 Tone  
LESSON 12 Paragraph Patterns  
LESSON 13 Using Details: Connecting with Your Readers
LESSON 14  Finding a Thesis

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