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Writing for the Visual Arts, 1st edition

  • Mashey Bernstein
  • George Yatchisin

Published by Pearson (September 21st 2000) - Copyright © 2001

1st edition

Writing for the Visual Arts

ISBN-13: 9780130225481

Includes: Paperback
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What's included

  • Paperback

    You'll get a bound printed text.


Written in a reader-friendly style, Writing for the Visual Arts offers a comprehensive and concise methodology for the writing that students and those entering the professional world encounter; academic papers, résumés, letters of application, manifestos, press releases, and grants. Vivid examples help the student through the writing process.

Table of contents

1. How to Write Academic Art Papers: Welcome to the Community.

2. How to Write about Your Art.

3. How to Revise and Peer Review: “Stitching and Restitching.”

4. How to Write a Résumé: A Lifetime in 30 Seconds.

5. How to Write a Letter of Application.

6. Writing Art Manifestos: Expressing Your Philosophy.

7. How to Write Press Releases: An Invitation to Your Art.

8. How to Write Grants and Proposals.

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