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Writing & Speaking at Work, 5th edition

  • Edward P Bailey

Published by Pearson (July 1st 2010) - Copyright © 2011

5th edition

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Writing & Speaking at Work

ISBN-13: 9780136088554

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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Writing & Speaking at Work delivers practical insight and instruction to help readers become effective communicators no matter where their careers may take them.

KEY TOPICS: What is Good Writing?; Developing a Good Style; Using Examples and Comparisons; Making Your Page Look Inviting; Making Your Main Point Easy to Find; Preparing Executive Summaries; Illustrating Your Ideas; Getting Beyond Periods and Commas; Learning Commonsense Rules; Making the Most of E-mail; Writing for the Web; Preparing a Resume and Cover Letter; Documenting Your Sources; What Is Business Speaking?; Using Good Techniques of Delivery; Developing a Clear Structure; Designing Visual Aids; Giving a Presentation Using a Computer; Rehearsing, Setting Up the Room, and Overcoming Nervousness; Preparing an Annotated Presentation

MARKET: For anyone interested in polishing their professional writing and speaking skills.

Table of contents

Part I: Writing
Chapter 1: What is Good Writing?  
Chapter 2: Developing a Good Style  
Chapter 3: Using Examples and Comparisons  
Chapter 4: Making Your Page Look Inviting  
Chapter 5: Making Your Main Point Easy to Find
Chapter 6: Preparing Executive Summaries
Chapter 7: Illustrating Your Ideas  
Chapter 8: Getting Beyond Periods and Commas  
Chapter 9: Learning Common Sense Rules  
Chapter 10: Making the Most of Email  
Chapter 11: Writing for the Web  
Chapter 12: Preparing a Résumé and Cover Letter  
Chapter 13: Documenting Your Sources  

Part II: Speaking  

Chapter 14: What is Business Speaking?  
Chapter 15: Using Good Techniques of Delivery  
Chapter 16: Developing a Clear Structure  
Chapter 17: Designing Visual Aids  
Chapter 18: Giving a Presentation Using a Computer  
Chapter 19: Rehearsing, Setting Up the Room, and Overcoming Nervousness  
Chapter 20: Preparing an Annotated Presentation  
Appendix A: Final Project: Learning Computer Techniques  
Appendix B: Final Project: Creating Reports
Appendix C: Commonly Confused Words  

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