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Writing Today, Second Canadian Edition, 2nd edition

  • Richard Johnson-Sheehan
  • Charles Paine
  • Cathi Shaw
  • Jordan Stouck

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Table of contents

Part I Getting Started
Chapter 1 Writing and Genres
Chapter 2 Purpose, Readers, and Rhetorical Contexts*
Chapter 3 Reading Strategically, Thinking Critically*

Part II Using Genres to Express Ideas
Chapter 4 Summaries
Chapter 5 Reviews
Chapter 6 Rhetorical Analyses
Chapter 7 Literary Analyses
Chapter 8 Argument Papers*
Chapter 9 Proposals
Chapter 10 Research Papers

Part III Developing a Writing Process
Chapter 11 Developing Ideas and Prewriting
Chapter 12 Organizing and Drafting
Chapter 13 Choosing a Style
Chapter 14 Designing
Chapter 15 Revising and Editing

Part IV Strategies for Shaping Ideas
Chapter 16 Drafting Introductions and Conclusions
Chapter 17 Developing Paragraphs and Sections
Chapter 18 Using Basic Rhetorical Patterns
Chapter 19 Using Persuasive Strategies
Chapter 20 Collaborating and Peer Review*

Part V Doing Research
Chapter 21 Developing a Research Process
Chapter 22 Citing, Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing Sources*
Chapter 23 Using MLA Style
Chapter 24 Using APA Style

Part VI Getting Your Ideas Out There
Chapter 25 Using the Internet and Social Networking*
Chapter 26 Succeeding on Essay Exams
Chapter 27 Presenting Your Work

Part VII Handbook
1. Sentences
2. Verbs
3. Pronouns
4. Style
5. Punctuation, Mechanics, and Style

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